Tract 98.01, 2010

The demographic statistics for this exhibit have been compiled from Social Explorer by the staff of the University Archives of the University of Pennsylvania.

Census tract 98.01 was bounded by West City Avenue. Haverford Avenue, Malvern Avenue, North 75th Street, Woodbine Avenue, and North 76th Steet.

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2010 Census - Tract 98.01
Demographic Statistics
Tract Totals
Total Population  
Total Population
Population Density (per sq. mile)  
Population Density (per sq. mile)18,983.1 
Land Area (sq. miles)  
Area Total0.12 
    Area (Land)0.12100.0%
    Area (Water)0.000.0%
Total Population2,184 
Total Population2,184 
    Under 5 years1577.2%
    5 to 9 years1597.3%
    10 to 14 years1798.2%
    15 to 17 years1064.9%
    18 to 24 years2069.4%
    25 to 34 years30313.9%
    35 to 44 years37717.3%
    45 to 54 years31514.4%
    55 to 64 years1969.0%
    65 to 74 years934.3%
    75 to 84 years532.4%
    85  years and over401.8%
Median Age by Sex  
Median Age34.4 
    Male Population29.9 
    Female Population37.9 
Total Population2,184 
    White Alone25011.5%
    Black or African American Alone1,80782.7%
    American Indian or Alaska Native Alone40.2%
    Asian Alone411.9%
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone00.0%
    Some Other Race Alone221.0%
    Two or More Races602.8%
Hispanic or Latino by Race  
Total Population2,184 
    Not Hispanic or Latino:2,14098.0%
        White alone23510.8%
        Black or African American alone1,79482.1%
        American Indian or Alaska native alone40.2%
        Asian alone411.9%
        Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander alone00.0%
        Some other race alone120.6%
        Two or more races542.5%
    Hispanic or Latino:442.0%
        White alone150.7%
        Black or African American alone130.6%
        American Indian or Alaska native alone00.0%
        Asian alone00.0%
        Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander alone00.0%
        Some other race alone100.5%
        Two or more races60.3%
Households by Household Type  
Total Households886 
    Family Households:57765.1%
        Married-couple family24928.1%
        Other family:32837.0%
            Male householder, no wife present525.9%
            Female householder, no husband27631.2%
   Non-Family Households:30934.9%
        Male householder26429.8%
        Female householder455.1%
Population in Households by Household Type and Relationship  
Total Population2,184 
    In Households:2,184100.0%
        In family households:1,81883.2%
            Brother or sister271.2%
            Other relatives552.5%
        In non-family households:36616.8%
            Living alone26412.1%
            Not living alone452.1%
            Non relatives572.6%
    In Group Quarters00.0%
            Institutionalized population00.0%
            Non institutionalized population00.0%
Housing Units  
Housing Units976 
Occupied Housing Units886 
    Owner Occupied58165.6%
    Renter Occupied30534.4%
Occupancy Status  
Housing Units976 
    Occupied Units88690.8%
    Vacant Units909.2%
Vacancy Status by Type of Vacancy  
Vacant Housing Units90 
    For Rent6774.4%
    For Sale Only910.0%
    All Other Vacant1415.6%