Atlas of the 24th and 27th Wards, West Philadelphia, by Hopkins

Map Title: 
"Atlas of West Philadelphia including the 24th & 27th Wards of the City of Philadelphia from actual surveys & official records"
Created by: 
H.W. Hopkins, C.E.
Map Year: 

Plate J is mislabeled as Plate I in the Table of Contents. Plates N and O were missing from this copy of the Atlas.


Includes index and colored maps; 58 cm. Scale of maps range from 1:1200 or 1 inch to 100 feet to 1:4800 or 1 inch to 400 feet.

Philadelphia: G. [Griffith] M. [Morgan] Hopkins & Co., compiler and publisher, 1872.


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1872 Atlas of the 24th and 27th Wards, West Philadelphia - Index Map