Map of Blockley Township, by Rea and Miller

Map Title: 
"Map of Blockley Township including all public places, property owners, etc."
Created by: 
S.M. Rea and J. Miller
Map Year: 

Map of the West Philadelphia township incorporated into the city of Philadelphia following the Consolidation Act of 1854. Shows names of property holders and industries; villages, roads; streets; Columbia, West Philadelphia, and Reading railroads; and creeks, including Beaver and Cobbs Creek. Also shows Blockley Almshouse, Laurel Hill Cemetery, and Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane. Villages include Blockleyville, Haddington, and Monroeville.  Includes vignettes showing the Laurel Hill Cemetery, Spring Garden Water Works (i.e., Schuylkill Water Works), and the Blockley Alms House. Duplicates of vignettes included in J. C. Sidney, Map of the City of Philadelphia together with all the surrounding districts (Philadelphia: Smith & Wistar, 1849).

1849 Map of Blockley Township, by S.M. Rea and J. Miller